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Attraction Marketing Is What We Do!

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Our founder, Larry Ford, became a successful marketer in the late 1970s, but left the business in the late ‘80s to successfully pursue lay evangelism as a Roman Catholic. But over the years he watched in dismay as small business came under ever increasing burdens and regulations from the government and bullied by the big box companies. So 2015, Larry decided to put his talents to work in the service of small businesses everywhere. That’s when he founded Conservative Direct Marketing.

Conservative Direct Marketing is not your typical marketing agency. We take a renegade approach to everything we do. When you use the services of other marketing agencies, you may as well be using something off the shelf of a big box marketing store. Our competition all do the same things in the same way, usually copying the methods of big business marketing because they are more interested in being considered “creative” and “cool” rather than doing what really works to help you to grow your business.

Copying the tactics used by big businesses is actually detrimental to small business. We believe you should be able to
account to the penny what it costs you to get each new customer and retain current customers. So we focus on direct marketing… with a twist.

The twist we use is a method called “attraction marketing”. Attraction marketing creates the perception in the minds of prospective customers, clients or patients that they are seeking you out rather than the other way around. Attraction marketing is nothing new—it’s as old as Christianity itself.

The first and best attraction marketer in history was Jesus Christ. A careful reading of the gospels show that before He ever performed His first public miracle, Jesus had already begun to build His college of apostles and had a devoted following of people who hung on His every word. Yet we never see Him pushing or pursuing them. They followed Jesus because they were attracted by the things He said and the way He said them.

Being in business and conducting business ethically is a patriotic virtue, so it stands to reason that growing business using the techniques of the
Author of All Virtue just makes sense. Following Jesus’ example, we use His techniques adapted to modern business and applied to how the human psyche works in the sales process. Here are some of the things attraction marketing from Conservative Direct Marketing will do for your business:
  • We can define the ideal high-value customer, client or patient for your business.
  • We can make it possible for you to attract only the customers you want instead of having to settle for any warm body walking through the door, thus substantially increasing your revenues and ROI.
  • We make you stand out from the crowd among your competition, even if the competition has a big name in your category of business.
  • You will have a means to track your ROI to the penny.
  • Our methods will create the probability that you will increase your profit margins rather than ride along with the trend of price suppression.
  • We will establish your business as the preferred choice in a world where there are thousands of choices in your category of business… even if you think some of your competitors offer a better product or service.
  • Once our systems are in place, you are free to focus on what you’re in business to do while we attract new customers for you.
This only hits the tip of the iceberg of what Conservative Direct Marketing’s attraction marketing methods can do for you. Indeed, you will be amazed at the level of value we will give you in your marketing efforts! Contact us today so we can show you how Conservative Direct Marketing will grow your business to heights never before imagined.

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