Growing Your Business Exponentially, With A Guarantee.

What Our Attraction Marketing Methods Can Do For You—And Our Guarantee

When you retain Conservative Direct Marketing, you get much more than you expect—far more “bang for the buck” than you can get from any other marketing agency. We will work with any small businesses . We offer numerous services to help you grow your business, but we excel at designing and implementing full multimedia marketing strategies—and our full strategies come with a guarantee.

If you can qualify for our services—a good fit for both of us,
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Here is a partial list of what we will do when you retain Conservative Direct Marketing to design and implement a full marketing strategy for your business.

Full Marketing Strategies

  • We will define and identify your ideal prospective customer, client, patient or donor using demographics, psychographics and “psychic” graphics (which allows us to upgrade ordinary marketing to the level of attraction marketing).
  • We will make your business stand out from the crowd by developing a “unique selling proposition” or USP, thus establishing your business as unique and above everyone else in your category.
  • We will develop a compelling message to attract your defined target market.
  • We will integrate all your marketing efforts using both online and offline media simultaneously, reaching more of your prospective customers, clients, patients or donors than the competition can stand. This introduces an intimidation factor that give you an edge.
  • We will establish systems that provide lead generation magnets, sales generation magnets and donor magnets. With such magnets in place you will have an uninterrupted flow of leads, sales and donations.
  • Much, much more…

Do You Have Challenges Not Requiring a Full Strategy?

At the end of the day,
Conservative Direct Marketing is the only marketing agency that can solve absolutely any challenge your business may have. We can provide everything from loyalty programs to mobile apps to lead generating websites. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, tell us what it is. If we don’t have a ready solution, we’ll find or create one. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Other Services We Provide

Perhaps you’re that rare small business owner who actually loves marketing, and we can see why because we think it’s fun too. If this describes you, then you have learned that there are some things you really can’t do on your own—either because you don’t have time or don’t know how to do it right, realizing you need a professional for you.

With that in mind, here are some of the tools of our trade at
Conservative Direct Marketing. Many of these tools (if not all of them) are used when we are retained to design a full marketing strategy—both off-line and online. But for the DIYer who loves to do his/her own marketing, we are happy to make these services available to you.
First is a list of services we provide, along with some helpful guides to help you decide what is best for you to do. Check these out and get the guides while you're looking:

  • Email Marketing—the money is in the list. When someone puts their name on your list through the signup form on your website, a landing page or any other online device, there has to be some followup. We can design and write all your autoresponders and newsletters, designing them to maximize the potential revenues from your list… as well as grow your list. Click here to learn more.
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  • Facebook Marketing—most modern small businesses recognize the value of having a social media presence. The problem is, most either don’t have the time to keep up with it or they don’t know how to get the most from the platforms they are on. We have answers to that problem. Click here to learn more.
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  • LinkedIn Marketing—this is like Facebook marketing, with a twist. Click here to learn more.
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  • SEO Marketing—search engine optimization can mean the difference between being seen online every time someone wants something you offer, or never being seen at all. Not only can we provide the SEO you need to rank first on the major search engines every time, but we can manage that SEO as the algorithms change… and they do all the time. Click here to learn more.
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  • Mobile Sites—is your website being ignored by Google? Do your visitors find it difficult to use your site? Is your site responsive in mobile devices? Is your content relevant to potential users? Is your website merely a template or a freebie you built from GoDaddy or some other platform? You may need a new website. We can help with that. Click here to learn more.
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  • Online Reputation Management—it only takes a few disgruntled customers to put you out of business. Unfortunately, there are tons of reviews circulating on the Internet that most small business owners don’t even know exist. Even those who are aware of them don’t have time to deal with them. We can implement reputation management systems that will not only protect your reputation and turn dissatisfied customers into happy customers, but we can even use the systems to create more leads for your business. Click here to learn more.
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  • Press Release Marketing—learn how you can use press releases to market your business and get more customers. Click here to learn more.
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  • QR Codes—QR codes can be used many different ways to benefit your business and increase your bottom line. Click here to learn more.
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  • Mobile Apps—we can have any customized app you can dream of for your business. Got an idea of what you may need or want for your customers? We can develop it just for your business.

  • Lead Generation/Fresh Leads—if your business model is one dependent upon fresh leads for growth (law offices, insurance agencies, Realtors, car dealerships, etc.), then we can provide all the qualified, ready-to-make-a-purchase leads you need.

  • SMS—related to social media marketing is SMS, or short message service. That’s just a fancy way of saying “texting”. SMS is especially useful to brick and mortar businesses who have traditionally slow periods during the business day and want more traffic during those times. We can help with that.

  • Landing Page Campaigns—a landing page is basically just a single page website, but it is unique in that it is used to draw prospects into a sales funnel. If you do any online marketing at all, we can show you how to use landing pages to your great benefit.

  • Copywriting—we are a proud member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance, which means you can be assured of our professional copy for your projects. We will write compelling copy for your landing pages, direct mail campaigns, on air commercials, print ads or anything else requiring compelling copy.

  • Blogging—one of the best online tools for marketing is a content rich blog where posts are made 3-4 times per week. Few business owners have time to write and post that often, and even fewer can afford to hire someone to do it for them. We will happily write your blog posts for you, thoroughly researching the material for each post, on a retainer basis.

  • Website audits for marketability and sales—we use a 35 point checklist to make certain your website is optimized for maximum sales and lead generation performance. Our audit of your website includes determining your site identity, company information, content strength, links and link strategy, navigation, graphics & animation, graphic design, and SEO essentials. Upon completion of our site audit you will be provided with a full written report that will have all our recommendations for changes and improvements.

  • Ebooks, free reports, white papers & case studies—one of the best ways to get new customers, clients or patients through your online efforts is by using ebooks, free reports and white papers that give tremendous value to those prospects. Case studies go a long way toward motivating prospects to choose to do business with you rather than your competition. We will do all the research, writing and publishing of your ebooks, white papers and case studies.
  • PPC Campaigns—PPC refers to pay per click advertising. The best marketing is hard to do when you have unlimited space or time for development of your message, but creating a compelling message in the extremely limited space afforded in a pay per click ad can be maddening. Guess what? We’re very, very good at writing those ads, and we can even manage your entire campaign.

  • Email Management Platform—Maybe you use GetResponse or Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to manage your online marketing list. That’s fine, but wouldn’t it make so much more sense to have professional marketers to manage your list for you? We can do that too, on our website with our own platform.

  • Web Hosting—we have our own servers too!

  • Marketing Automation—if you do a lot of your marketing online, wouldn’t it be great if you could integrate all of it and see how it’s performing from a single dashboard? We offer that ability as well. And if you want, we can manage all of it for you too.

  • USP and ideal customer development—we will work with you on a consultation basis to help develop your unique selling proposition and to identify the ideal customer, client, patient or donor you want for your business or nonprofit. Doing this will increase revenues, increase ROI, and help you to avoid the pitfall of price suppression your competitors believe they have to use to compete.

  • Customer loyalty programs—we have a subsidiary company that deals with nothing but loyalty programs. Not only can we help you retain current customers, clients and patients, but we can also show you how to maximize the value of those customers by 20%. We can also show you how to acquire new customers, clients and patients at no additional cost. Our unique program—the only one of its kind—actually allows you to compete with the “big boys” with your own customized and personalized mobile and tablet app.

  • Fundraising (nonprofits)—we will design and implement full direct response capital campaigns for any Catholic parish church, school or ministry. We have recently developed a new means of fundraising that involves everyone in a church (or school children’s parents) without any of them spending a dime. This novel method will draw in funds 24/7/365.
It’s time to decide: Are you ready to take your business to levels never before imagined? Do you want to have a real partner who has just as much motivation for you to succeed as you do? Let Conservative Direct Marketing help your business become all you ever dreamed it could be. Contact us right now to get started.